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It’s our mission to bring you the highest quality cannabinoids and feel-good plant medicines.

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Raised in ColoradoThe Holding Company
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We Pledge Allegiance to the Freaks

It’s our mission to bring you the highest quality cannabinoids on the market while providing a tightly-knit community that focuses on inclusion, peace, love for one another, and of course, music.

While we are a premium cannabinoid and lifestyle brand, we intend to be so much more. We truly believe in the power of cannabis and the effect it can have on people and community.

The Holding Company was born out of the 60’s counterculture movement - with influential figures like Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, and Terence McKenna paving the way to a more open-minded society of spirituality, healing, and love. Music was pivotal in the spreading of counterculture ideals, and we’re here to start the movement again.

We embrace the weird and encourage the freaks. We’re so excited to start this journey with you. We’re lucky to have you along for the ride. So hop on the bus, crank the tunes, and reclaim your mind.

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